Damask: the weaving of a design into a cloth as compared to printing a design onto a cloth. A damask (aka jacquard) design is a permanent part of the cloth and it is the subtlety and elegance of the design that makes a damask fabric so special.

Embellished: Embellished sheets are essentially solid color sheets (typically white or almond) to which embroidery or lace have been added. The foundation of our embellished sheets is the "Italia" solid color sheet.

Solid color: Solid color sheets are the basic building blocks of any sheet collection. They stand by themselves or can be used in conjunction with damask or embellished designs to achieve a truly elegant bed.

The essential element of any bed linen program is quality. It sounds obvious, and it is, but the ultimate enjoyment of any bed linen product must start with the quality of the fabric. In a world where there are many, many choices, it becomes even more important that you trust your sense of touch. We believe Italy makes the finest bedding in the world, from the quality of the fabric, to the quality of the finishing and dyeing, to the quality of the sewing. We also believe you can feel the difference. Thus we encourage you to request a swatch of any design(s) you wish through our "contact us" information.


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