If you stayed at the fabulous Rancho Valencia Resort, you would have experienced the equally fabulous bedding featured at the Resort and may have wondered where you can buy it. You've found the source.

The bedding used at the Rancho Valencia Resort is our Sateen600: a 600 thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton, sateen fabric, woven, finished and sewn in Italy. The Resort has their sheets and pillow cases made with a simple hem and their duvet covers with a flap closure to accommodate their laundering requirements. In contrast, for home use the Sateen600 sheets, pillow cases and pillow shams are all finished with a classic Italian hemstitching and the duvet covers use a button closure.

The prices for the Sateen600 (available in white or almond) are available by e-mail.

Questions you might have ...

1) How do I order? Please e-mail us (using the link in this website) with your request, including your address and phone number. We will reply with delivery information (if not immediate) and an estimate for UPS shipping. If everything is O.K., then we will get your c/card information over the phone.

2) Can I see a swatch before ordering? Yes. Just e-mail us with the request and your address and we will put a swatch in the mail. One caveat: the swatch will not have the same visual "impact" as the finished product.

3) Suppose I don't like what I receive and want to return it? We will gladly take back unused product, but will not, under any circumstance, take back product once it has been laundered.

4) Can I find these sheets at a retail store? No. We do not distribute our products through retail stores.


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